Tatin domains - Reuilly

When young, our wines are perfect as an aperitif. Its flavours reach maturity after one to two years in the bottle. You will therefore find them ideal with seafood, fish, white meat and goat’s cheese.

The Reuilly

• Reuilly Red/Les Demoiselles Tatin/La commanderie
[Vintage 2016]

Red Reuilly/Les Demoiselles Tatin/La commanderie

This fifth Cuvée result from young vines of Pinot noir.
It’s a fresh, full-bodied, spiced and smooth wine from ripe red fruit.
A part of this vintage has been aged in barrels of four wines. As a result, the structure of the wine is enhanced. Suits delicatessens, lean meat and some cheeses.

Vintage 2014
> Silver Medal at the Bourges’ Wines Regional Contest 2015

Vintage 2013
> Commended

Data sheet (PDF)

• Reuilly Red/La Cuvée du Pé’Miniau [Vintage 2014 or 2015]

Reuilly rouge/La cuvée de Pé Miniau

This Pinot noir is from our vines of La Commanderie in the village of Preuilly. This family owned vineyard was passed down six generations through the women of our family: the Miniaus, the Bugeons, the Tatins.

Alexis Miniau is pictured here in 1922 in his traditional berrichon outfit. He lived between 1852 and 1936 and cultivated vines in La Commanderie. This terroir is made of red/orange clayey sands.

This cuvee is a blend of free run wines and press wines. It has been aged in barrel for 9 months. Due to low yields, the 2012 vintage is powerful and round, concentrated with a solid structure based on a spicy spine. Dominant flavours are black fruits with jam hints. This wine is worth keeping 6 to 8 years. It goes well with chicken, red meat or venaison and can even be tried with spicy food.

Vintage 2015
> Two Guid Hachette stars

Vintage 2012
> Gold Medal at the Bourges’ Wines Regional Contest 2014
> 2 Stars in Guide Hachette 2015

Data sheet (PDF)

• Reuilly White/Les Demoiselles Tatin/Les Lignis [Vintage 2017]

Reuilly blanc/Les Demoiselles Tatin/Les Lignis

Vine originates from a massal selection from one of our old vines, replanted after grafting, to maintain the genetic diversity of our plants.
WHITE, the fourth vintage of a new Sauvignon vine, fine and aromatic.
Beautifully expressive, fine, delicate character!

Vintage 2015
> Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2016

Vintage 2014
> Liver Ligers au Concours des Vins de Loire 2015

Vintage 2013
> Ligers de Bronze au Concours des Vins de Loire 2014

Data sheet (PDF)

• Reuilly pinot grey/Les Demoiselles Tatin/Les Lignis [Vintage 2017]

Reuilly pinot gris/Les Demoiselles Tatin/Les Lignis

The pearl of Reuilly!
Produced from young vines planted on sand and gravel at the top of limestone banks.
Wines that are superbly fine, with fruity flavours that suggest apricot, cherry…
A wonderful aperitif wine…
Try it on a tarte tatin…

Vintage 2016
> Silver Medal at the Agricultural Contest in Paris 2017

Vintage 2014
> Silver Medal at the Agricultural Contest in Paris 2015

Vintage 2013
> Silver Medal at the Agricultural Contest in Paris 2014

Vintage 2012
> Gold Medal on the Concours des Vins de Bourges 2013

Data sheet (PDF)

• Mam’Zelles Bulles (Vin de France) [Vintage 2015]

Reuilly/Mam’Zelles Bulles

The vine near the lake was thr only plot on the estate, planted in 1950 by Jean’s father, Raymond Tatin, when he arrived at the farm in Le Tremblay.
As a tribute to him, when Maroussia arrived on the estate in 2011, we decided to plant Pinot gris and Pinot blanc on the plot in order to produce a natural sparkling wine.
Try it on a tarte tatin...


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