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When young, our wines are perfect as an aperitif. Its flavours reach maturity after one to two years in the bottle. You will therefore find them ideal with seafood, fish, white meat and goat’s cheese.

The Quincy

• Quincy/Domaine des Ballandors [Vintage 2016]

Quincy/Domaine des Ballandors [Millésime 2008]

The vintage is grown on sand and gravel with ½ of it from 20 years old vines,¼ of it from old vines and the rest from young vines. The wine is lively, clean, and elegant with an expressive fruitiness. Ideal as an aperitif, with seafood and goat’s cheese of course!

Vintage 2014
> Gold Medal on the Macon Wines Contest 2015
> Silver Medal at the Agricultural Contest in Paris 2015
> Silver Ligers at the Concours des Vins de Loire 2015
> Bronze Medal Decanter 2015

Data sheet (PDF)

• Quincy/Domaine du Tremblay/Vin noble [Vintage 2016]

Quincy/Domaine du Tremblay

Grown in sandy-gravel soil,
¾ of it from 20-year old vines and ¼ of it from old vines.
Wines to accompany starters, fish and white meat. It is just amazing with oysters!

Vintage 2015
> Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2016
> Silver Medal at the Agricultural Contest in Paris 2016
> Bronze Ligers at the Loire Valley Contest in Angers 2016
> Gold Medal at Mâcon 2016

Vintage 2014
> Gold Medal on the Macon Wines Contest 2015
> Silver Medal Decanter 2015

Data sheet (PDF)

• Quincy/Domaine du Tremblay/Old Vines [Vintage 2015]

Quincy/Domaine du Tremblay/Vieilles vignes

Vintage from 35-50 year old vines.
A proportion of the grapes undergo skin maceration to extract more of the fruit.
The wines are fine, delicate and develop slowly.
A vintage to enjoy slowly to prolong pleasure.

Vintage 2013
> Bronze Medal at the International Wine Challenge 2014
> Bronze Medal at Decanter 2014
> Gold Medal at the Bourges’ Wines Regional Contest 2014

Data sheet (PDF)

• Quincy/Domaine du Tremblay/Sucellus [Vintage 2013]

Quincy/Domaine du Tremblay/Sucellus

This vintage was christened Sucellus in honour of the Gallic god represented by this statue with a barrel at his feet. In the dawn of the new millennium, we are pleased to pay homage to those who 2,000 years ago planted our vineyards and handed down to us their vinicultural arts.
This vintage was selected from the Domaine’s old vines, 40-60 years old. The wine was fermented and allowed to mature for a year in new oak barrels made from the forests of Berry.

Vintage 2013
> Gold Medal at Mâcon 2016

Vintage 2012
> Silver Medal at Wine & Barrel International Competition 2014
> 2 Stars in Guide Hachette 2015

Data sheet (PDF)

• Quincy/Terroirs’ Collection

Quincy/La Collection Terroirs

The Vieilles Vignes and Sucellus vintages both come from blending wine from 4 identical plots, which are vinified differently: the first in stainless steel vats, the second in 400l wooden barrels.
By doing this, we have created a ‘Terroirs’ collection from these four distinct plots: Chaumoux, Victoirs, Nouzats and Gatebourse.
Through these vintages, we want to express the different aspects of the gravel soils, distinguishing the Quincy vineyard in an original way.

Many thanks to Bernard Gauthier, the "merrandier" at Méry-es-bois who selects the trees for the barrel wood, and his cooper sons for selecting the barrel staves used to assemble the casks.
Bernard Gauthier’s web site

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