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Chantal WILK et Jean TATIN are both agricultural scientists. Twenty years ago they created their Domaines in what was a period of restructuring and renewal for Quincy AOC.

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Chantal Wilk et Jean Tatin dans les vignes Chantal Wilk et Jean Tatin dans la cave

Chantal WILK

Chantal is an agricultural scientist by training. She has been working in Paris for 10 years overseeing the certification of seeding.
A musician and accordionist, she nourishes her soul by devouring all the English literature she can find and renewing her links with the Polish culture she has inherited from her father. Fired by the feminism of the ‘70s, she maintains her financial independence while nurturing her other values.
And so in 1990 she created the Domaine des Ballandors at Brinay. This was a new period of training involving courses in viticulture, oenology and tasting.
Today she is in charge of the commercial administration of our Domaines and greets visitors to our cellar and lodge.

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Chantal Wilk and Jean Tatin among the vines, in the cellar, among the vines Chantal, Jean and the Demoiselles Tatin Labelling Harvesting Budbreak on the vines in April The grape that falls from the sky


He comes from an old Berry farming family. After living in Paris for 20 years, he decided to move to the farm at Tremblay which his father had left him.
He soon turned to viticulture as part of the Quincy AOC.
This was really a return to his roots as his ancestry from his mother included wine growers who through the generations travelled between Preuilly, Quincy and Brinay. Thus an entire culture of taste was transmitted by women.

His grandmother kept a Sauvignon vine until past her mid-‘80s. The appreciation for Sauvignon is something that develops from childhood, from when the child dips a biscuit into a grown-up's glass of aperitif. The paternal line is lost in successive generations of farmers and loggers but then seems to meet up with the Tatin sisters (or tarte!) in the Issoudun region around the 1700s.

For him, culture, winery and viniculture make sense only in a historical and cultural perspective. With a love of teamwork and shared endeavour, he joined in creating Brinay’s Cave Romane which renewed the old Château farm and installed a wine cellar. He brought in numerous partners to develop the vineyard.

In fact, Jean has invested a lot to develop the vineyard which, for him, can only succeed if the growers pull together with common projects like the Villa Quincy, part of the Sauvignon Trail.

Maroussia Wilk Tatin

Born in Paris in 1985, Maroussia obtained an advanced vocational training certificate (BTSA) in Viticulture and Oenology from Tours Fondettes in 2006. She continued her studies at the PURPAN in Toulouse, to become an agricultural engineer. During the course of her studies, she travelled to Canada, California, Spain and Argentina...
After obtaining her diploma in 2010, she came back to work at the family vineyard. At present, she is responsible for the marketing of the wine, communication, and the vinification of the Reuilly wines.


In order to restrict the vigour of the vines, and to counterbalance the yield, grass is allowed to grow in the vines, and the soil is tilled under the rows of plants. Each plot is first vinified separately, enabling us to identify the individual flavours typical of each plot, and to carry out the blending of the constituents of our vintages. This is how we make our Terroir wines.
In 2014 we produced four small vintages in barrels which were 5/6 years old. They will be presented in the Terroirs collection in an exclusive carton.

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