Tatin domains - The Harvesting

The Sauvignons at Quincy and Reuilly are harvested by machine.
When mature, the grapes reveal themselves so that when the stems are shaken they fall into a bucket conveyor which allows them to be taken directly to the press.
At the Cave Romane at Brinay, where we directly process our wines, we have chosen to use gentle techniques that respect the grape. The bins used to collect the harvested grapes are emptied into a receiving vat that feeds the press via a belt conveyor. Pneumatic presses apply gentle force to extract the best juice from the grapes.

> See the video of the grape harvests 2009

The Pinor Noir at Reuilly is harvested by hand and placed in small crates which travel past a sorting table in a destalked that separates the stalks from the grapes.
To become wine, the red grapes need to go into the cellar: In order to extract the color and the famous anthocyans from the skin of the grape, the juice must remain in contact with the grape for two weeks.
In this way the Demoiselles Tatin Reuilly red develops through maceration and fermentation to achieve fruitiness and elegance.
This harvest, which relies on the valuable participation of many friends plus our entire team, is an occasion for a great festival.

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The Domaines Tatin team in 2005 Harvesting Pinot Noir at La Commanderie Caro...lune Bunches of old vines Harvest festival / The harvesters / September 2004 Harvest festival / The harvesters / September 2005 Harvest festival / The harvesters / September 2006 Quincy, harvesting Sauvignon for Buisson Pouilleux Preparing the crates - Reuilly red 2007 harvest Who would like a good Pinot Noir Passing through the destalker Sunday harvesters… September 2007 Harvest snack Siesta between two rows Jean among the vines Darek, who has come from far away… Les demoiselles Tatin Songs of Vent d'Anges Sunday harvesters… September 2010 Harvesters 2010 Harvest meal Harvesting of Pinot noir Little child The team on harvesting The Intruder Harvesters 2011 Sorting Harvesters 2011 End of Harvest
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