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Quincy, the historic cradle of Sauvignon, stands out by its homogenous soil character. Situated essentially on the left bank of the River Cher, up from Vierzon, the vineyards cover 270 Ha. The soil is largely sand and gravel, on clayey sub-soil over Berry lacustrine limestone.

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Map of the Quinçy's Terroir Map of the Reuilly's Terroir History of the Terroir History of the Terroir

Deposited by the River Cher that scoured the valley during the Quaternary period, these terraces have given Quincy a soil character unique among the wines of Berry Centre Loire. Quincy wines also benefit from their connection with the historic Vin Noble varieties of the Duché de Berry and Duc Jean and the excellence of the Sauvignon grape. Charles VII’s head wine-keeper, Jean de Maubruny, had his vineyard at Brinay

In order to restrict the vigour of the vines, and to counterbalance the yield, grass is allowed to grow in the vines, and the soil is tilled under the rows of plants. Each plot is first vinified separately, enabling us to identify the individual flavours typical of each plot, and to carry out the blending of the constituents of our vintages. This is how we make our Terroir wines.
In 2014 we produced four small vintages in barrels which were 5/6 years old. They will be presented in the Terroirs collection in an exclusive carton.

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