Tatin domains - Dream and reality


Double rainbow on 2010

2000’s gave us beautiful wines: a cycle of hot climate year appears and help us to get higher grapes sugar levels with a good maturity.
2010 seems to follow the tradition. Climate seems to go back to elementary seasons: cold winter, fresh spring, hot spring with storms and nice end of autumn.


Autumnal harvest

So, this year, autumnal harvest is back from September 23rd to October 9th.
Grapes reach a nice maturity and titrate between 200 g to 220 g of sugar per litre, so an alcoholic potential of 12 to 13 %vol.
Last decade, reflexions about vineyard management were engaged and gave us good results. Our past efforts to regulate the vigour of the vines are successful, thanks to the grass plant between rows and to restricted fertilisation. These practises allowed us to reduce the size of the grapes and to reduce rot attack.

Sunday harvesters… September 2010 The team on harvesting Maroussia Wilk-Tatin

A new decade, a new generation !

Maroussia, our younger daugher aged of 25 years old start to work with us in September.
First, she started to work during harvest in « Maison Blanche » where we produce our Quincy. She is now making the wines with Jean and participate to our marketing activity.
She has a degree in viticulture and oenology and she is graduated from the agronomic ingeenery school of Purpan. As many others young people from her globalisate generation, she did many internship in California, Argentina, Spain… Our région named Berry is now a new continent to rediscover.
As her mother Chantal like to say, « we have been winegrowers from generations… First generation. ». Well, we can see the second one coming out.

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