Harvest 2017
Hazardous weather episodes kept coming and repeting. Oh march ! Oh april !
Spring was early and the buds started bursting first week of april... But a terrible anticyclone swept the vines, dropping the temperature at -5°C on the 20th April 2017.
It then came back a week later affecting the vineyards of Bordeaux and the Loire, again. Part of the harvest was lost despite of the new antifreeze propellers. These installations set up Collectively between winegrowers are usually efficient but the frost was just too strong.
A smooth month of May? Rather fresh and wet! After that, the heatwave of June made the vines go wild. We had trouble keeping up the work of trellising and wire pulling.
A slightly rainy but beautiful summer lead us to a late summer ripening in september.
Harvest was two weeks early than usual but unfolded peacefully. The healthy grapes reached a beautiful aromatic ripeness.

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