2016, a late contrasting vintage : hard but nice !
Another complicated and hard year to live for the vine growers with this succession of climatic hazards. But at the end a nice vintage !
Contradictory ?
- yes because, over the year, the winegrowers ‘feelings do not play on the quality of our wines
- not because the overall bioclimatic profile of this vintage, very contrasted by the opposition of the seasons, finally allowed a fine maturation of the grapes.
The frost on April 27th caused 50 % production losses in Quincy. With luck, Reuilly was a little less affected. Fresh, very humid spring 2016 made ground work almost impossible and increased mildiou development, imposing tight protection of the vineyard. The hot summer of 2016, very dry, allowed the vineyard to catch up with its growing vegetation and to achieve a good maturity of the grapes in early autumn.
Autumn harvest, therefore, between 22 September and 10 October.

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