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The wines grown at the Domaine du Tremblay cover 11 hectares on seven sites:

Les Nouzats at Brinay - 1 ha 10 of 40-year old vines planted on red sand producing the very distinctive Cuvée Vieille Vigne.
- 1 ha 20 of 20-year old vines on sand and gravel.
Les Rimonets at Quincy , 1ha 40, owned by Porcelaines Philippe Deshoulières, with whom we are developing a tableware partnership.
Les Coudereaux at Quincy, 1ha 30, vigorous vines which are planted on sandy-loam soil on lacustrine clay and belong to the Groupement Foncier Viticole de Quincy, an association for wine lovers who invest in the vineyard and are paid in wine.
Gatebourse, 1 ha 25 of old vines in the oldest part of the Quincy vineyard.
Chaumoux, 1 hectare of old vines at Brinay that send their roots through clayey gravel into lacustrine limestone.
Le Buisson Pouilleux, 4 hectares of young vines planted in 2001 in sandy soil on lacustrine clay.
La Corbinerie, 2 Ha of young vines planted on grave clayey from 2004.

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Chaumoux Poirier Cochon

The Domaine du Tremblay, the old Domaine du Berry with a legacy stretching back to the middle ages (as the fief of an equerry of Duc Jean de Berry), has renewed its winery traditions by operating more than 9 hectares of vines at Brinay and Quincy.
The old vines play an important role in almost half of the Domaine. Les Nouzats have been planted since the ‘50s. Chaumoux and Gatebourse were planted in the ‘60s. The grown-up vineyards(vines) were planted in the late ‘80s (the Rimonets, the Coudereaux and some of the Nouzats). The young vines are planted in the 2000s in the Buisson pouilleux and in the Corbinerie.

Thus, a balance of old and young vines, and a balance of terroirs as three sites are planted on sand and gravel terraces and three others are on clayey sand on more or less lucustrine limestone.
And finally a balance of wines as the composition of the Domaine combines very expressive wines from the sands, with full powerful wines from the clayey sands.

Thus, the Tremblay domaine gives us grand classic wines.

The cellars :
The domaine offers wine lovers three cellars:
The Cuvée Domaine
The Cuvée Vieilles Vignes
The Cuvée Sucellus

The vineyard is operated in an integrated way based on regular observation of the vines while they are growing. Phytosanitary protection is constantly adjusted to meet any possible risks and diseases linked to the climate and time of year.
The vines are encouraged to produce by controlling their size, disbudding and picking off in July.
This work culminates in a rich, expressive result. The ability to organise is paramount, to do the right work at the right time throughout the year, to get the right results.

To the mantra “see, judge, do” we therefore also need to add “sense and taste”!

Just like the Ballandors domaine, we have received many medals for the Tremblay domaine cellars.

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