Tatin domains - Les Demoiselles Tatin

The Three Graces : The logo is from a bronze sculpture by an Angevin, Jacques Tempéreau The poem Le vin de Preuilly

Situated on the banks of the Arnon, a tributary of the Cher, the Reuilly terroir is made up of old sandy-gravel terraces deposited on Kimmerigian limestones.
The vineyard extends over 250 hectares planted with Sauvignon, Pinot noir and Pinot gris.
Created in 2002, the vineyard of Demoiselles Tatin produced its first vintage of Reuilly red in 2005. Our wines are vinificated in our cellar built in 2005 in the old stables of the farm.

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Les Demoiselles Tatin Les Demoiselles Tatin

Today, the vineyard is distributed as follows :

The Commanderie

The Commanderie is a parcel of gravelly sandy soils belonging to our maternal family since 1873 on which are planted 2 ha of Pinot Burgundy selected for their quality : it gives us a very expressive red wine, combining grace, freshness, roundness and fruit. There are also 0.50 ha of Sauvignon planted in 2006 and 0.60 ha of Pinot gris planted in 2009.

The Lignis

This plot is the first parcel of Sauvignon Blanc we planted on Reuilly : it comes from a massal selection from Quincy’s old vines planted in the 50’s. From it comes the name of our Reuilly blanc and Reuilly gris’ name. Beautiful sandy-gravelly soil overlooking the Valley of the Arnon and the Château de la Ferte, this plot produce a very fruity wine.

The Coignons

Finally a “coteaux” for our estates! A beautiful clay-limestone (kimmeridgian !) hill where we planted 0.80 ha of Pinot Noir in 2010 and 2011. A beautiful terroir for red but also for Sauvignon, where we planted 1 ha. Young vines for the moment, but with great potential, business to follow !

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