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2016, a late contrasting vintage : hard but nice !

Another complicated and hard year to live for the vine growers with this succession of climatic hazards. But at the end a nice vintage !
Contradictory ?
- yes because, over the year, the winegrowers ‘feelings do not play on the quality of our wines
- not because the overall bioclimatic profile of this vintage, very contrasted by the opposition of the seasons, finally allowed a fine maturation of the grapes.
The frost on April 27th caused 50 % production losses in Quincy. With luck, Reuilly was a little less affected. Fresh, very humid spring 2016 made ground work almost impossible and increased mildiou development, imposing tight protection of the vineyard. The hot summer of 2016, very dry, allowed the vineyard to catch up with its growing vegetation and to achieve a good maturity of the grapes in early autumn.
Autumn harvest, therefore, between 22 September and 10 October.

2015 A Terrible Vintage

A mild, damp winter, followed by a dawdling spring : the vines didn’t bud until the end of April, which allowed them to avoid the late frosts. Growth was quite slow and we had to wait until the warmth of May woke up the sleeping beauties !
The first warm days at the end of May got the flowering started, which continued into the first week of June: the Pinot was lucky, the flowers were well pollinated. However the slightly later Sauvignons weren’t very well pollinated: failure to set fruit and shot berries halved the quantity of grapes !
You know the rest! Sunny July was followed by August’s rain showers... But theywere necessary for the ripening of our small Sauvignon, Pinot noir and Pinot gris grapes.
The result: 2015 was an early, sunny vintage, harvested from the 7th to the 19th of September.


2011 was a year of hopes and crises... a strange year ! The cold winter reminded us of the strong contrasts between the seasons, and the mild spring woke the vines very early in the first days of April...
TEARS IN QUINCY... On May 2nd a storm of ice and hailstones ripped open the sky : over half of the future grape harvest was destroyed! It took the vines more than three weeks to recover , a second generation of small grape bunches were formed and…..they ripened in October during a glorious autumn... SMILES IN REUILLY... Over the seasons, the vines here confirmed their premature ripening, leading to a harvest at the end of the summer with moderate yields. A cool wet summer never improves the quality of the grapes, but thanks to our use of integrated vine growing methods, using a cover of grass in the vines, we can control their growth and obtain the high quality of grapes we need to make good wines.
And when it is necessary, like this year,we don’t hesitate to select the grapes before the harvest, to obtain the best quality.
And finally we harvested on a full moon day!

Current events: we will be present in many Wine Fairs and Exhibitions (check section Wines/Where to find our wines)

MAY 2011

2011 A spring rich in flowers...
Vintage 2010 start to open themselves with May aromas after the first bottling in March.
Our Quincy Domain des Ballandors 2010, our Cuvée Old Vines 20009 and our Reuilly of Pinot gris 2010 have already been awarded in Paris.
A wonderful blazing April month have made the vineyard vegetation start two weeks earlier this year. But unfortunately, the first hailstorm in May in Quincy came to tarnish the joy of spring.
We wish it will be the last one in order to don’t go toward a hell spring.


“Our wines were aging on their lees until the end of 2010 to give nice floral and fruity flavour. Let it several more months, time to make the filtration, to leave it rest for a while, then, a dive in a bottle before to land in your glass…
Then, some grain of our soul blend with grapes will sail through our land, our towns and our seas, to link men in pleasure to live!”
« Vins couleur de jour, vin couleur de nuit, Vin fils étoilé de la terre, amoureux, malin
Tu n’es jamais tout à fait contenu dans un verre, Dans un chant, dans un homme… »
(from a peom of Extrait d’un poème de Pablo Neruda)


Harvest 2010: smell like autumn !
Slowly, the dead line is coming ; it’s time to jump in fermentation tanks !
Vintage 2010 has grown with a normal climatic situation: fresh spring, hot summer cool down by regular storms. Then, autumn came quickly! The crop look nice and grapes start to fill up with sugar.
We have one’s fingers crossed! … While waiting harvest, we enjoy with vintage 2008 which is very fruity (Ballandors and Tremblay Vieilles Vignes).

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